More ways to read on your Kindle

Foxfire Send to Kindle screenshot
I've mentioned before that this blog (and, by the way, now also the Catholic Reading Project blog) can be delivered automatically to your Kindle, if you subscribe through Amazon. If you've gotten as used to Kindle reading as I have, you may find that reading from your Kindle is more comfortable than reading from a computer screen.

Well, here's another way you can read this blog (or anything else you find on the internet) from your Kindle -- just get the Send to Kindle browser plug-in (I just got the one for Firefox; you can also get it for Chrome, and a Safari version is coming "soon"). The add-on is super-easy to use: just click the little button that sits up in your browser bar (see photo) and it will allow to preview what will be sent or just send it directly. What the program does is analyze what is the main article on the page and send just that; this is similar to using "article mode" if you are reading a story in the built-in web browser found in non-Fire versions of Kindle (may be in Fire, too, but I don't have one of those). You have a couple of setting options, such as whether to archive the article with the rest of your Kindle titles.

I have a feeling I'll be using this a lot, since I carry my Kindle everywhere with me and like to have plenty of reading material; with this plug-in, I'll be able quickly to nab interesting things and send them to my Kindle for later reading, without getting distracted from whatever else I may be doing at the time.

I can't find any similar browser extension for Nook or other ereaders. Let me know if you are aware of any.


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