UPDATED My new e-booklet -- please read! Free booklet for the asking!

Naturally Healthy Living with Diatomaceous Earth, cover, Lisa Nicholas, Ph.D.
New cover, print version coming!
I'm a reader and a writer. When I write, I try to write things I'd like to read. I'm a bit of a DIY nut, especially when it comes to my health, and one of the things I'm really interested in is finding ways to use more natural products around the house, to avoid toxic chemicals and to save some money by avoiding brand name products (there are a number of large manufacturers that I am always happy not to buy from). I do a lot of informal research on the internet regarding more natural ways to stay healthy, clean my home, etc., but I find that sometimes some really wild claims are made about things like raw honey, boric acid, etc. I find it rather irritating that reasonable claims about the valuable properties of such things are often all mixed up with really wild claims (cures cancer! pulls viruses out of the air!), so I decided to do a little more research and then write a little book about healthy, natural products for the home, with reasonable explanations of why and how they can safely be used around the house.

I haven't finished the book (many other projects in hand!), but I decided to publish the one chapter already written as a stand-alone publication for the Amazon Kindle. I've done this really more as an opportunity to experiment in various ways to market a self-published ebook than for any other reason. But I need some help to learn how to "work the system," and this is where you come in, dear readers!

You may know that Kindle users can download free samples of Kindle ebooks; the sample is always the first 15% of the book. Since my little booklet is so short, about the only thing in the sample (beyond the title page) is the first couple of paragraphs of the introduction and the table of contents, so I need some help giving potential buyers a better idea of the book. Therefore, I'm looking for some people to read the booklet, then post reader reviews on the Amazon website. (I'll be watching to see the extent to which reviews affect sales.) Yes, I hope these reviews will say nice things about the booklet, but more important I hope they will mention specific things that seem good or helpful.

The book is called Naturally Healthy Living With Diatomaceous Earth (Simply Smarter Living). If you would like to be one of my reviewers, and you are already both a Kindle owner and an Amazon Prime member, you can already borrow my book for free on Amazon (if you're neither, you can purchase it and read it either on a Kindle or on one of the free Kindle reader apps you can download from Amazon.com). If you would like to get a free review copy (with the understanding that you will, in return, post a review on Amazon), please send a request by email to writernicholas [at] gmail [dot] com (put it in normal email address format, please, as in "joebloggs@fakemail.com"). In the subject line, just put "Catholic Reader Freebie," and in the body of the email let me know if you would prefer Kindle format, epub (works on Nooks and other non-Kindle ereading devices), or PDF format (which you can read on your computer, or print out).

I will send a free copy in the electronic format of your choice to the first fifteen readers who request it, provided you promise to post a review on Amazon. I'll also give you some specific questions you can address in your review (if you wish), to help you pinpoint specific things that you find helpful (or not). Later, when I finish the full-length book, I'll give you credit (if you wish) for having helped me with my editing and marketing research. If you find any serious errors, I'd appreciate it if you would let me know privately and give me a chance to fix the problem, rather than just posting a bad review on Amazon.

UPDATE: To post an Amazon review, you must have a registered Amazon account, and have purchased at least one item. If you are not already an Amazon customer (gosh, why not? I do almost all my shopping on Amazon!), you can set up an account and then download a free Kindle book, which counts as a purchase, even though the price is $0.00. You can read the book in Amazon's Kindle Cloud Reader (no software to install) or using their free Kindle for PC (or Mac, Android, etc.) application, if you don't have a Kindle device. Click here to see a list of books currently free for Kindle.


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